Grayslake Youth Baseball Association (GYBA) exists to enhance the skill set of our children desiring to play America's past time. In doing so, we will strive to create an environment that is safe, organized and fun. We are dedicated to the principles of

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GYBA is currently not accepting team sponsors for the 2016 spring season.  If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Director of Sponsorship via the Board of Directors tab.  Thank you!


Grayslake Youth Baseball Association is a non-profit organization serving over 600 children, and their families, within the Grayslake Community High School districts. GYBA provides children with an opportunity to learn and play America’s favorite sport, while developing valuable life-long skills such as teamwork, commitment and dedication. In order to make our program successful for the children involved, we rely heavily on the support of area businesses to be sponsor and donors.

2016 Sponsorship Opportunities
Platinum In-House Team Sponsor    $1,500
  1. Sponsor one team at each of the 4 in house leagues (Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, and Pony)
  2. Name on team uniforms
  3. Headlining banner on new website averaging 50,000 hits.
  4. Flashing logo or name on home page on new site.
  5. Name on team web page for team you're sponsoring.
  6. Name listed on sponsor page with other sponsors.
  7. Opening-Day Ceremonies – 1st pitch
  8. Special recognition plaque
  9.  Banner displayed at Pancake Breakfast, Grayslake Days Speed Gun, All-Star Day Home Run Derby and All Star Game, and through out the GYBA fields.
Gold In-House Team Sponsor         $300 for one team $550 for two teams
  1. Name on team uniforms
  2. Flashing logo or name on home page on new site (averages 50,000 hits).
  3. Name on team web page for team you're sponsoring.
  4. Name listed on sponsor page with other sponsors
  5. Opening-Day Ceremonies – 1st pitch
  6. Special recognition plaque
  7. Name on a banner that will be displayed at the baseball fields through out Grayslake
Travel Team Sponsor $300 for one team, $450 for two teams, $600 for three teams
  1. Name on an advertising banner that will travel with the teams to every game they play in Grayslake and surrounding communities.
  2. Name listed on sponsor page with other sponsors(averages 50,000 hits).
  3. Special recognition plaque
  4. Name on team web page for team you're sponsoring.
The attached link contains the 2016 Sponsorship Request Online Form.

If you prefer to fill out a hard copy and mail it in by February 15th, please use the attached form. Sponsor Form.doc

See the following link for more information: SPONSORSHIP LETTER LETTERHEAD xx2012 NEW.doc

We look forward to sharing your information on our new website.

Thank you for your support. Our league couldn't exist without you!!!